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Thursday, September 16th 2021
Plenary hall Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4
16:30 - 18:00 Welcome by the congress & ESPN presidents
Invited lecture: "Manage a hospital in a white coat during crisis" - Marcel Levi (UK)
Invited lecture: "Habsburgs lessons for Europe: the benefits of fortwusteln"- Caroline de Gruyter (NL)
18:00-21:00 Welcome reception
Strand Zuid
Friday, September 17th 2021
  Plenary hall Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4
7:10-7:55 Breakfast Industry Symposium  Breakfast Industry Symposium     
8:00 -8:45 Keynote 
Infection - the price of no rejection?
Priya Verghese
9:00-10:45 Session 1 Session 2 Pitch Session 1 Pitch Session 2
FSGS CAKUT  Tubular Disorders Transplantation 1
Chairs: Marina Vivarelli , Jitske Jansen Chairs: Elke Wühl , Rik Westland Chairs: TBD Chairs: TBD
State of the Art  Controversy PI-1 PI-12
LDL-apheresis in FSGS
Ania Koziell
Has the term CAKUT outlived its usefulness?
Adrian Woolf vs. Nine Knoers
PI-2 PI-13
PI-3 PI-14
OP-1 OP-5 PI-4 PI-15
OP-2 OP-6 PI-5 PI-16
OP-3 OP-7 PI-6 PI-17
OP-4 OP-8 PI-7 PI-18
State of the Art  State of the Art  PI-8 PI-19
Basic science behind FSGS
Moin Saleem
Prenatal programming of the kidney
Michiel Schreuder 
PI-9 PI-20
PI-10 PI-21
PI-11 PI-22
10:45-11:15 BREAK 
11:15-13:00 Session 3 Session 4 Pitch Session 3 Pitch Session 4
Complement-mediated kidney disease Calcium-Phosphate axis Diagnostic Procedures & Basic Science AKI
Chairs: Gema Ariceta, Nicole van de Kar Chairs: Justine Baccetta, Rukshana Shroff Chairs: TBD Chairs: TBD
State of the Art Controversy PI-23 PI-34
How to treat C3G in the light of its pathophysiology?
Matthew Pickering 
Vitamin D vs. calcimetics to optimize bone health in CKD
Claus Schmit vs. Justine Bacchetta
PI-24 PI-35
PI-25 PI-36
State of the Art PI-26 PI-37
OP-9 Interplay between bone and vessels in children with CKD
Alexander Lalayiannis
PI-27 PI-38
OP-10 PI-28 PI-39
OP-11 OP-13 PI-29 PI-40
OP-12 OP-14 PI-30 PI-41
State of the Art Practical approach PI-31 PI-42
Complement inhibition in STEC-HUS
Sally Johnson
Dietetic management in children with CKD
Rukshanna Shroff with dietician 
PI-32 PI-43
PI-33 PI-44
13:15-14:15 Lunch Industry Symposium  Lunch Industry Symposium  LUNCH
14:30-16:15 session 5 Session 6 Pitch Session 5 Pitch Session 6
Ethical Dilemmas Hypertension CKD 1 AKI & CRRT/CKD
Chairs: Eduard Verhagen, Justina Bacchetta Chairs: George Reusz, Marc Lilien
State of the Art State of the Art Chairs: TBD Chairs: TBD
What a paediatric nephrologist should know about paediatric palliative care
Eduard Verhagen
Renovascular hypertension
Jelena Stojanovic
PI-45 PI-56
Discussion OP-15 PI-46 PI-57
State of the art OP-16 PI-47 PI-58
New therapies: Facing societal costs and ethical concerns
Michel Clanet
OP-17 PI-48 PI-59
Hot topics in pediatric hypertension PI-49 PI-60
Discussion Latest in BP Assessment and HTN Management in Pediatrics
Joseph Flynn
PI-50 PI-61
State of the art PI-51 PI-62
Cultural issues: What Western pediatric nephrologists should know about treating non-western patients
Christina Taylan
Hot topics in pediatric hypertension PI-52 PI-63
Cardiovascular Risk in Pediatric CKD, ESRD and Transplant (joint discussion)
Priya Verghese
PI-53 PI-64
PI-54 PI-65
Discussion PI-55 PI-66
16:15-16:45 BREAK
16:45-18:30 Session 7  Session 8  Pitch Session 7 Pitch Session 8
Glomerulonephritis  Challenges in adolescence and at transition CKD 2 COVID
Chairs: TBD Chairs: TBD
Chairs: Aleksandra Zurowska, Stephen Marks Chairs: Joanna van Wijk , Markus Josef Kemper PI-67 PI-78
PI-68 PI-79
State of the Art State of the Art PI-69 PI-80
Serum and podocyte markers of membranous glomerulonephritis
Pierre Ronco
Transition: the journey from paediatric patient to adulthood
Thomas Harden
PI-70 PI-81
PI-71 PI-82
PI-72 PI-83
OP-18 OP-20 PI-73 PI-84
OP-19 OP-21 PI-74 PI-85
State of the Art State of the Art PI-75 PI-86
New treatments for lupus nephritis
Stephen Marks 
Puber brain
Lydia Krabbendam
PI-76 PI-87
PI-77 PI-88
Saturday, September 18th
Plenary hall Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4
7:10-7:55 Breakfast Industry Symposium  Breakfast Session by EKFC 
  Estimating GFR from serum markers in 2021
  Chair: Arend Bökenkamp
  GFR estimation in children and adolescents - what is the optimal approach?
Hans Pottel
  Shrunken pore syndrome - fact or fiction?
Emil den Bakker
8:00 -8:45 Keynote 
Retarding progressive kidney failure - what paediatricians can learn from adult nephrologists
Jürgen Flöge
9:00-10:45 Session 9 Session 10 Pitch Session 9 Pitch Session 10
Pharmacotherapy Neurocognitive dysfunction in pediatric kidney disease Hypertension Transplantation 2
Chairs: Rukshana Shroff, Marsch Konigs
Chairs: Aysun Karabay Bayazıt, Antonia Bouts State of the Art Chairs: TBD Chairs: TBD
Brain structure and function in children and adolescents with kidney failure
Sophie Lijdsman
State of the art PI-89 PI-100
Immunosuppressive medication: to TDM or not to TDM
Teun van Gelder
State of the Art PI-90 PI-101
Learning from disease models
Marsh Konigs
PI-91 PI-102
PI-92 PI-103
OP-22 Invited Lecture PI-93 PI-104
OP-23 Kidney Fog: a patient's perspective
Vincent Moolenaar 
PI-94 PI-105
OP-24 PI-95 PI-106
OP-25 OP-26 PI-96 PI-107
State of the art State of the Art PI-97 PI-108
Draining the oedema: something old, something new, something for you
Detlef Bockenhauer
Are my kidneys bad for the brain?
Stephan Hooper 
PI-98 PI-109
PI-99 PI-110
10:45-11:15 BREAK
11:15-13:00 Session 11 Session 12 Pitch Session 11 Pitch Session 12
What's new in dialysis Metabolic and stone disease Registry Nephrotic Syndrome 1
Chairs: Aleksandra Zurowska, Sevcan Bakkaloglu Chairs: Olivia Boyer, Michiel Oosterveld
State of the Art Controversy Chairs: TBD Chairs: TBD
Contemporary, optimized hemodialysis in children
Claus Schmitt
iRNA for ALL children with PH1?
Shabbir Moocchala vs. Justine Bacchetta
PI-111 PI-122
OP-27 PI-112 PI-123
OP-28 PI-113 PI-124
OP-29 OP-31 PI-114 PI-125
OP-30 OP-32 PI-115 PI-126
State of the Art OP-33 PI-116 PI-127
Hemodialysis machines in 2021: manufacturers’ proposals versus children’s needs
Bruno Ranchin
OP-34 PI-117 PI-128
State of the art PI-118 PI-129
State of the Art Methylmalonic acidemia: Kidney involvement, management and outcome
Matthias Baumgartner
PI-119 PI-130
What is possible by HD for children with respect of uremic toxin removal (joint discussion)  - Evelien Snauwaert PI-120 PI-131
PI-121 PI-132
13:15-14:15 Lunch Industry Symposium  Lunch Industry Symposium  LUNCH
14:30-16:15 Session 13 Session 14 Pitch Session 13 Pitch Session 14
Cystic kidney disease Urinary tract infections Metabolic Disease Nephrotic Syndrome 2
Chairs: Max Liebau, Djalila Mekahli Chairs: Tomas Seeman, Joanna van Wijk Chairs: TBD Chairs: TBD
State of the Art State of the Art PI-133 PI-144
Hypertension in cystic kidney diseases
Laura Massella
Defense against UTI beyond anatomy and urodynamics
Milan Chromek
PI-134 PI-145
PI-135 PI-146
State of the Art PI-136 PI-147
OP-35 Indications for antibiotic prophylaxis in 2021
Kjell Tullus
PI-137 PI-148
OP-36 PI-138 PI-149
OP-37 PI-139 PI-150
OP-38 OP-39 PI-140 PI-151
State of the Art OP-40 PI-141 PI-152
Prenatal detection of cystic kidney disease - what can we tell families?
Paul Winyard
OP-41 PI-142 PI-153
OP-42 PI-143 PI-154
16:15-16:45 BREAK
16:45-18:30 Session 15 Session 16 Pitch Session 15 Pitch Session 16
Electrolyte disorders  Artificial intelligence and telemedicine  Hereditary Disease UTI & Psychosocial Aspects
Chairs: Detlef Bockenhauer, Jaap Groothoff
State of the Art Chairs: Franz Schaefer, Jun Oh Chairs: TBD Chairs: TBD
Potassium is good for you
Ewout Hoorn
State of the Art PI-155 PI-166
OP-43 Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning in Nephropathology
Jan Becker
PI-156 PI-167
OP-44 PI-157 PI-168
OP-45 OP-47 PI-158 PI-169
OP-46 OP-48 PI-159 PI-170
Controversy OP-49 PI-160 PI-171
Less is more: a case for dialling down the infusion rate
Milan Chromek
OP-50 PI-161 PI-172
State of the Art PI-162 PI-173
Controversy Artificial intelligence for prediction and treatment AKI
Greet de Vlieger
PI-163 PI-174
Safety in sodium: a case for isotonic fluids (joint discussion)
Wesley Hayes
PI-164 PI-175
PI-165 PI-176
19:30-24:00  Social Dinner, separate registration required
Sunday, September 19th
  Plenary hall Hall 2 Hall 3 Hall 4
7:15-7:45 Online Breakfast Session
State of the Art
IgA nephropathy in children
Chair: Rezan Topaloğlu
Koichi Nakanishi
8:00 -8:45 Keynote 
Fighting against kidney diseases with small interfering RNA: opportunities and challenges
Bin Yang
9:00-10:45 Session 17 Session 18 Pitch Session 17 Pitch Session 18
Highlights from ASN and EDTA-ERA '20/'21 Transplantation  CAKUT Immune Disorders
Chairs: Dieter Haffner, Fernando Santos Chairs: Tomas Seeman, Huib De Jong Chairs: TBD Chairs: TBD
Overview State of the Art PI-177 PI-188
Highlights from ASN and EDTA-ERA '20/'21
Raphael Duivenvoorden
BK-virus infection in kidney transplantation
Hans Hirsch 
PI-178 PI-189
PI-179 PI-190
OP-51 OP-55 PI-180 PI-191
OP-52 OP-56 PI-181 PI-192
OP-53 OP-57 PI-182 PI-193
OP-54 OP-58 PI-183 PI-194
Overview State of the Art PI-184 PI-195
What have we learnt from the ESPN registry?
Jerome Harambat
COVID in transplantation and vaccination strategies in paeditric transplantatio
Mignon McGulloch
PI-185 PI-196
PI-186 PI-197
PI-187 PI-198
10:45-11:15 BREAK
11:15-12:00 Keynote 
Hans Zaaijer