·       Prepare your 1-page e-poster in a JPEG or PNG format
·       Format of the ePoster is vertical.
·       Place a heading has the large-size font that covers the topping.
·       The text should not be less than 8 mm (22 point font) and preferably larger.
·       Use a constant font throughout the e-poster.
·       Use a black and bold type to ensure legibility and let your important points stand out.
·       We suggest that you may point the sequence in which your e-poster should be shown; this can be done by using 2-3 columns so the eye movement is down the columns.
·       Highlight your main findings. Please do not hide the conclusions, consider putting them at the top of the right column or alternatively mention with the “Conclusions” heading. Otherwise, we suggest that you structure your ePoster by Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusions. State your aims in the end of the introduction.
·       The figures and tables should cover approximately 50% of the e-poster area.
·       You can resize your e-poster according to your own computer.


E-posters will be visible to registered users in the congress webportal. There will be a large number of poster-viewing stations at the venue so that all onsite participants can view the abstracts, too. There will be no poster walks, but the oral pitch sessions will give many authors a podium for a vivid presentation of their data.

Oral and oral pitch presentations:

The meeting will be held in a hybrid fashion, i.e. presentations can be given at the venue or uploaded from external sources. We cannot predict what the COVID regulations will be like in September and how many delegates will be able / be allowed to come to Amsterdam.

We are setting-up a back-up in case presentations cannot be given onsite in Amsterdam.

All speakers are requested to record their presentation at home in the ZOOM environment and send the recording plus the original powerpoint presentation. If you will be able to come to Amsterdam, we will use the powerpoint presentation, but will have the pre-recorded presentation as a back-up.

Find a short outline explaining how to record a ZOOM presentation. It’s really easy..

All speakers are kindly requested to send their recordings and powerpoint presentations to by august 15th.

Please stick to the permitted length of your presentation, i.e. 10 min for an oral and 6 min for an oral pitch presentation.